Are you looking for a house to call home? Here are a few questions you may have.

How much home can I afford?

When you are looking for a home it is important to contact a good local REALTOR and local lender that can help you determine the price range for a home that very best fits your budget. Be sure you get in touch with a licensed REALTOR so you can confirm your budget or have he or she point out any extra expenses you might have missed.

How much should I offer?

After looking at homes let your REALTOR walk you through the steps on what happens next. Make sure you are being competitive when you are making an offer. You don’t want to lose the house of your dreams by not offering enough, although you certainly do not want to pay more than the house is worth.

How do we beat other offers?

Your REALTOR should be giving you guidance on how to be competitive. Make sure you convey your seriousness to your REALTOR. That way your Realtor can make you the most attractive buyer to the seller.

What are closing costs?

The lender and REALTOR will provide you with your closing costs, even though the realtor may want to advise you some, the lender and REALTOR should fully explain all of the costs associated when buying a home.

What should I be looking for in a home inspection?

Before buying a home be sure to get a proper home inspection. This way you can either know what repairs are needed on your future home or back out of the contract. Also talk to your REALTOR about negotiating with the seller any repairs that need to be made. It is wise to get estimates and have a licensed professional like an electrician, plumber, and roofer review the inspection report. TREC inspectors are not normally licensed in specific areas such as electrical and plumbing. Therefore, it could help with clarification on any issues. Beware of foundation repair companies in areas where drought conditions may have caused some settling.

Your real estate professional will help you through every step of the process as you make a house your home. If you are looking for a home in the Wichita Falls area, your real estate professionals at Advantage Real Estate have been recognized by the Better Business Bureau and named Texoma’s Best for 2 years in a row.