Closing Time: Tips to Winterize Your Pool

by American Home Shield (AHS)

If you have a backyard pool and live in a colder climate, closing it down is probably on your list of “To Dos”. Make sure you take the proper steps to ensure that you avoid costly repairs when it’s time to reopen it.

10.  Lower the water level: This can be done using the filter pump.  For mesh covers, make sure the water is between 12″ – 18″ below the skimmer.  For solid covers, keep the water between 3″ – 6″ below the tile.

9.  Clean the pool: Skim, vacuum, and brush the pool to remove debris.  The pool should be as clean as possible before covering it for the season.

8.  Balance the water chemistry: Make sure the pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness are all balanced.  You should also shock the pool with either a chlorine or non-chlorine solution.

7. Add winterizing chemicals: This will help keep your water blue and clear when you reopen it.  If you shock your pool, make sure the chlorine levels return to 1.0 – 3.0 ppm before adding winter algaecide.

6. Drain pumps and filters: Filters have plugs at the bottom that allow them to drain.  It’s essential to get all the water out since it can freeze and crack the equipment.

5.  Lubricate: It’s important to lubricate the o-rings on your pump lid, as well as the slide valves on the filter with a product like Magic Lube.

4. Remove all deck equipment: This includes slides, rails and ladders, which should be stored away from the elements.  You should also put away filter baskets, thermometers and vac lines.

3. Inspect your cover and fill water tubes:  If you find rips in your cover be sure to patch them with pool cover patch tape or heavy-duty duct tape.

2. Place cover tightly on pool: Make sure there are no gaps where debris or leaves can enter.

1. Sit back and relax:  Enjoy knowing that you’ve taken the proper steps now to prepare for another summer of poolside fun!