How Can You Save On Your Water Bill? A Smart Meter!

Are you looking for an efficient way to save money on your water and electricity bills? A smart meter is a specialized technology that helps both consumers and utility providers monitor usage to create an energy plan. The two-way information flow offers real-time information that monitors usage patterns to improve efficiency. The most common form of smart meter is for the electric power sector; however, it is also becoming more prevalent for water utilities. Some of the benefits of smart meters include:

  • Detect in-home leaks – Smart water meters can save the customer money by detecting the daily usage. If the hourly usage stats do not drop to zero periodically (especially overnight) this could be the sign of an on-site leak.
  • Detect off-site leaks – Issues outside of the home can be detected by comparing the usage reading stats among a block of customers to the main water server for that area. This can help pinpoint small leaks before they become a major emergency.
  • Identify water main break locations – A significant drop in water pressure can be detected by the utility provider, allowing them to make quick decisions in the event of a catastrophic break.
  • Monitor usage compliance – Water shortages in some areas of the United States have created the need for water restrictions in certain communities. A smart meter allows the utility provider to ensure that residents are complying with the usage rules.
  • Provides usage breakout – Both smart water and electric meters give the consumer a real-time breakdown of energy consumption. This allows them to more carefully monitor their usage and create a plan to help them manage their utility expenses more accurately.
  • Historical data – In addition to real-time information, smart meters give consumers a historical breakdown. This allows them to more accurately pinpoint times of the year when their usage levels will be higher so that they can more carefully budget.
  • Aids in conservation efforts – One of the biggest benefits to smart meters is the impact they have on your energy consumption. These smart devices give the consumer the ability to cut their energy usage (and ultimately their energy bills) in very significant ways because they are more aware of exactly how much of our natural resources they are consuming.

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