Introducing QR Codes

Advantage Realtor Group is constantly looking for innovative ways to market our company, and during the last few weeks we have implemented QR codes into our marketing strategies.

What are QR Codes?

Quick Response (QR) codes are barcodes that are used to store data that can be decoded by smart phones at high speeds. Although QR codes have been in the mainstream for quite some time, it is becoming very popular in the Real Estate Industry. 

Uses & Benefits

At Advantage Realtor Group, we use QR codes to store our Virtual Tours. These barcodes are currently placed on our Flyers, Booklets, Homes Magazines Covers, Sunday Ads, and other property information.  In the not too distant future, we intend on adding a QR code to our business cards so persons could have direct access to our website.

For us, QR codes help us bring the Internet on paper. Although our publications have information regarding the properties, QR codes gives potential buyers an inside look of properties by simply scanning the code on the flyers without having to go inside. We believe that this strategy will help to increase interest in our properties. 

How does it work?

There are various QR Readers that can be downloaded to your smart phones that would be able to decode the QR codes.  Presently, we are using the Universal Property Code (UPC), a free app for Iphones.  We have also heard good reviews about Scanlife and Quickmark (works on most phones).  However, there are numerous options for QR Code Readers at various prices, so it is up to you to choose the one you think is best.  Once the Reader is installed, simply turn the Reader on and point it at the QR code; it will scan and display the data stored on the code, in our case, our virtual tour.   

We are always excited to be on the cutting edge of Business and Real Estate technology, so please join in our excitement and scan this code to view our Virtual Tours.


Let us know what you think.