Landscape and Gardening Tips

If you’ve bought a new property or need to impress potential buyers in your current house, know that a beautiful landscape can complement and enhance the appearance of any home.  The options are endless when deciding on landscape and garden arrangements.  If you are looking for an easy guide, follow these tips for adding great curb appeal to your home:

Design Is Key

Every house will benefit from a beautiful green lawn, blooming plants and fresh hardscapes that enhance existing features.  The problem starts when deciding where to place things.  If you’re a beginner, start by slowly drawing out a plan.  It helps to find inspiration on Pinterest or even from your favorite DIY-ers!  Focus on size, shape and color when deciding where plants and stones go.  Remember that landscaping is more of an art than a science – being open to change will make a big difference in your results. 

Tidy Up Hardscapes

After designing the perfect landscape, the next step is appearance.  Rake runaway gravel back into the appropriate spots for both safety and convenience.  Make sure your walkways have not shifted from weather and be sure to add gravel to any depressions in the pathway.  With a completed design and plenty of determination, your landscape will be looking better than ever!

Prepare the Garden

Prepare your lawn by cleaning up the dead leaves, damaged foliage and weeds from your garden.  With summer here, now is a great time to prune your plants and get the sprinklers going.  The strides you take now will make a big difference in the curb appeal of your home.

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