Little Things That Make Big Impressions

Little things that make big impressions on buyers

It doesn’t take much to change a buyer’s impression of a home. Add some peeling paint, leaky faucet, and dirty dishes in the sink of an otherwise appealing home and suddenly the buyer crosses that property off his list. Just as minor imperfections can turn off a buyer, a few small actions by you can make your home seem even more appealing. So here are some tips to keep the buyers!

Fix conspicuous problems. You want to put your home’s best foot forward. If you can’t afford to remedy all the problems with the house, at least fix obvious ones. A buyer will notice the rotten porch railing or cracked window pane on a casual walk through. First impression matters, so always start there.

Show the owner’s manuals. Sure, everything’s online, but you still need to know the model number of your oven, dishwasher, and microwave when something breaks. Have an area where you keep all important manuals or bills for your home. A very helpful tip in easy replacement of AC filters is to keep your AC filters in the attic by the AC unit with dates to tell when to replace. All these things make it easier not only for you but the future owner.

Make an effort outside. Curb appeal is huge, so first, start by power washing the front porch and clean all the windows. Keeping your grass short makes bare patches less obvious. Add a few bags of mulch around trees and in flower beds can work magic on an otherwise lackluster yard. Add in a planter of colorful flowers by the front door, and you’ve added significantly to your curb appeal.

A little effort goes a long way with buyers, so ensure your home makes a great first impression! With a little work and some dirty hands, you could get your home on and off the market like that. Advantage Real Estate is here for all your buying and selling needs. If you would like a market analysis of your home, and/or tips on how to sell better and faster, give Advantage a call. Or if you are looking for a home we are always available.