Live Green and Save Green!

It can be quite easy and rewarding to conserve energy and save money all at the same time.  Here are some tips that can help you accomplish this goal. 

  1. Instead of turning on the stove or the oven every night, serve cold suppers a few times a week.  For example, sandwiches and fruit plates, or even salads can be refreshing on hot summer evenings, and your kitchen will stay cooler without the additional heat.
  2. Check for seals on your refridgerator and freezer to make sure doors shut tightly.  Open the door and insert a piece of paper.  The doors should hold the paper tightly in place when closed.
  3. Ceiling fans are great ways to keep rooms cool and help reduce air conditioning costs.  Attic fans can also help minimize cooling expenses.  Check into new attic fan models that are solar powered.
  4. White window treatments can help reflect heat away from your home and let in natural light. 
  5. Install awnings on south and west facing windows to reduce heat absorption from the summer sun.
  6. Take reusuable and washable plates, cups, containers, and utenstils on picnics and outings to reduce waste.
  7. Over-watering is wasteful and can harm your landscape.  Learn how much water your grass, flowers, or trees need.  It is best to water early in the morning when the evaporation rates are the lowest.  Also mulch around plants to protect the roots and minimize water loss through evaporation.
  8. Planting trees can help reduce your carbon footprint and add shade  that can help decrease air conditioning use. Plants trees close to your home.  Deciduous trees provide shade during the summer months and let the sun’s heat in when they lose their leaves during the winter months.

If you have any other green money saving suggestions, please email them to