Preparing An Emergency Plan For Your Home

When an emergency strikes, will you be prepared? In order to protect you and your family, it’s important to implement an emergency plan. Texas is no stranger to severe weather and the best way to prevent disaster is to prepare your home and inform your family.

Here is a rough guide to follow when creating an emergency plan for your home. These steps should help you avoid disaster and remain safe.
Emergency Plan for your Home

Communicate with Family Members:
Depending on your emergency – severe weather, fire, flood – your family will need to follow a different emergency plan. Sit down with your family and discuss all possible disasters and what everyone needs to know in case of a crisis. This way, everyone will know what to expect when disaster strikes.

Maintain Emergency Supplies and First Aid Materials:
Is your home packed with emergency supplies? We recommend you have enough food, water, batteries, and first aid materials to last at least 7 days. This includes 1 gallon of water per person/per day, non-perishable food items, a flashlight, emergency blanket, batteries, charged radio or cell phone, medication and any other essential items.

Have a Safe Spot:
Pick several places to meet depending on the disaster. One spot in case of tornado warnings should be a storm shelter or a safe room/safe place in your home where the family can be together. NEVER get in a car to outrun a tornado!!!! In case of a fire another place for where the family should determine to gather is outside of your home. For other emergencies in your neighborhood one meeting location should be outside of your neighborhood in case you are required to evacuate the area. The most important step in choosing a safe spot is communicating over and over with family members and making sure everyone is on the same page. This will normally alleviate much of the stress
when a good plan is established.

Emergency Contact Information:
All family members should know how to call 911. In addition, emergency contact information should be in a convenient location or saved on cell phones. This way, you can keep in contact with your family and let them know you’re safe.

At Advantage Real Estate, we know the destruction that severe weather can bring. Preparing an emergency plan and informing your family of all steps is necessary to ensuring safety. Located in Wichita Falls, we are real estate leaders in North Central Texas for those looking to buy, sell, relocate, lease or have a property manager. To schedule an appointment with our professional realtors, visit our website or call 940-696-3300.