Preparing Your Home for Spring

Spring is a beautiful time of year. The temperature warms, the rain brings out beautiful flowers as the sun shines down more often, and oh how the birds begin to sing. During this time of year people get the urge to open their windows and let fresh air into their homes, as well as the desire to do a little “spring cleaning.” The beauty of spring might also highlight some of the more unsightly aspects of your home, such as leaves in the gutters and dead plants in your landscaping. Here are some tips to help get your home ready for spring:

      • Inspect your gutters. Check for loose or leaky spots.  If you find any, repair as needed. Improper drainage, especially from the gutters can lead to water getting into your home.  Always make sure all your downspouts lead away from the foundation of your house.
      • Examine your roof.  It is a good idea to have a trained person look to see if any shingles are damaged from wind or hail, or if any are missing from a hard winter. If hail and wind damage are evident, you might want to contact your insurance agent to see if you need an insurance adjuster to check for damage.   Any shingles that are damaged, cracked, or loose need to be replaced, since the summer sun can heighten the problem. If you have an old roof, and especiallyif you are considering selling your home, you may need a complete replacement. Mortgage companies require insurance when a buyer purchases a home, and therefore the roof must be insurable.
      • Have your chimney cleaned. Check your chimney from the outside to see if there’s been any damage, and hire a certified chimney sweep to inspect and clean your chimney (this should be done annually).
      • Check outside automatic water sprinklers and spigots. Test your outside automatic sprinklers and hose faucets.  You may have broken sprinkler heads or freeze damaged spigots. Repair of these items may require a licensed sprinkler installer or a plumber.

Inside your home, you can complete basic spring cleaning tasks like de-cluttering each room, dusting and tidying your home, and going through your closet to donate any old clothes you don’t foresee wearing again this season or the next.

If you’re considering listing your home and placing it on the market to sell this spring, completing the above tasks will help ensure your home is “show” ready. Updating any of these items should help increase the value of your home.  At Advantage Real Estate, we are one of the area’s top Real Estate firms in the Wichita Falls and surrounding area.  Whether it’s a commercial or residential property you need to buy, sell, or lease or if you need a property manager for your leased property, we are here for you!  Give us a call today! 940-696-3300.