Pros vs. Cons of Wind Energy

Wind energy can be described as a process in which wind is used to generate mechanical power and electricity through kinetic energy. Like solar energy, wind energy is a growing resource used in the United States. With today’s advancing technology, some experts say that the available power from wind energy has the potential to replace other sources of electricity. Before you make up your mind in regards to wind energy, there are a number of positives and negatives to consider. Take a look at our information pro/con list! Keep in mind if you are a land owner, home owner or business owner of rural property, the installation of wind turbines on your property or on a neighbor’s property could conceivably bring a negative impact on YOUR PROPERTY VALUES!


  • Wind energy is cost effective because wind is a free resource that results from the rotation of the earth.
  • As a natural resource, wind is considered a clean source of green energy.
  • After installation, wind turbines require very little maintenance and use the latest technology to maximize wind power.
  • The upfront and monthly money received sounds great, although it may end up costing the landowner or their heirs more in the end.


  • Wind energy is not reliable because it only works in certain locations where the speed of wind is high.
  • Wind turbines are a threat to wildlife and have killed thousands of flying creatures including birds and bats.
  • Wind turbines can be a direct hazard when installed near an airport or flying training operation.
  • Wind turbines can be difficult to install and hard to maintain if there are technical difficulties.
  • Wind turbines often bring down the value of a property because they are noisy and unattractive.
  • Companies who sell wind turbines typically have contracts written to protect the wind energy companies and rarely protect the land owners.
  • Most often when the wind turbines are no longer working properly to produce wind power, it will be up to the property owners to have them removed which could cost thousands to millions of dollars depending on the number needing to be removed.

While most environmentalists and green energy activists feel wind energy is a good source for alternative energy, there is still a large amount of research to be done.  Not only does this negatively affect the property value of homes, but those who live close to wind turbines are faced with loud sounds and unsightly views.  These large, rotating white wheels tarnish the beauty of natural landscapes across the country.  If you are thinking about moving, reconsider a home near a wind energy source.

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