The Beauty of the Hummingbird

We live in a world which seemingly moves as fast as the hummingbird’s wings flutter.  Much like life we move so fast, and we often do not think before we act.  We need to plan, practice, listen, and learn before we take flight.

I have seen the first flight of a hummingbird as well as what may have been its last flight.  I watched the tiny hummingbird’s nest being built, eggs laid and hatched, and then the baby bird taking flight.  I also watched the mother feed, talk (tweet), and try to teach the hummingbird how to fly.  Having seen this has caused me to give serious thought to the miracle of mother nature and its relationship to life and business.

How often do we not listen to our parents, teachers, pastors, business advisers (Realtors), or others who could give us knowledge, wisdom, and information that would guide and direct us to make enhanced decisions?  The relationship between the two did not end when the bird made its first attempt to leave the nest.  As in life and business relationships should not end.  We should strive to maintain old relationships while we develop new ones.

Please take this advice from a hummingbird (author unknown)

“Let your true colors glow

Don’t get your feathers ruffled over little things

Take yourself lightly

Keep your visits short and sweet

Sip the sweet moments!”