Top 10 Scam of 2010

Top 10 Scams

Now that you know, be on the lookout

1. Job Hunter Scams

Pitch: We will match you with a perfect job that’s ready and waiting for you.

Target: Bank account and/or Social Security numbers

Result: Victims must pay a fee to be considered for a job. Out of money and still don’t have a job.

2. Debt Relief and Settlement Services

Pitch: We will help you eliminate most or all of your debt (for a fraction of the amount you owe).

Target: Collection of upfront fee(s) in order to “settle your debts”.

Result: Potentially leave the consumer drowing in even more debt than they started with and completely ruin their credit.

3. Work from Home Schemes

Pitch: Fire your boss! We can teach you the secrets to making money online, assembling items at home or being a mystery shopper.

Target: Employees tired of the same 9-5 routine.  In some cases, the unknowing worker fence stolen goods.

Result: Instead of getting paid you can end up losing hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars in legal trouble.

4. Timeshare Resellers

Pitch: We will help you get our from under your costly vacation property and do it fast.

Target: Collect several thousand dollars to cover fees.

Result: After paying the fees the seller never hears from the company again.

5. Not so “Free” Trial Offers

Pitch: Try a free offer and never be charged – unless you want to continue the offer.

Target: Repeated monthly billings.

Result: The free trial offers seem easy the consumer is repeatedly billed every month and is difficult to cancel.

6. Rogue Home Repair/Roofers

Pitch: We can get that tree out with half down, and fix your roof for a fraction of what that guy is going to charge you.

Target: Upfront fee(s) to get the job started.

Result: Homeowners are often stuck with either an unfinished or never started project and are out the initial money as well.

7. Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams

Pitch: You have won a large lottery or sweepstakes and just have to cover taxes before receiving your money.

Target: Payment under the guise of “covering taxes” or other bogus “fees”.

Result: The victim wires the oney but the prize or money never arrives.

8. Advance-Fee Loan Scams

Pitch: Your or your business qualifies for a large loan but you must pay some upfront fees.

Target: Upfront fee(s). Often more than  a thousand dollars.

Result: The victim wires “the fee” to the scammers but never receives the loan.

9. Over Payment Scams

Pitch: Oops, I accidently send you too much money. Would you please wire some back?

Target: Any amount of money that is wired back.

Results: Transaction is reversed and the victim is our the money wired back to the scammers.

10. Identity Theft

Pitch: Hi, this is a very legitimate business, we need to confirm some information today, is that ok?

Target: Gathering personal sensitive information to open lines of credit or just straight stealing money from victim’s account.

Result: Victim is left spending countless hours trying to repair all of the damnage the thieves have done or are still doing.

Remember, always research a business with the BBB before you sign any contracts or hand over any money